There are two versions of tramadol a doctor might prescribe. These are in a immediate-release or extended-release form. The immediate release tramadol typically should come like a 50 mg pill as the extended release comes in 100, 200 or 300 mg strength. For patients who are looking to manage chronic pain, the extended release is usually prescribed. It is never recommended that a tramadol tablet be cut into pieces, crushed for inhaling or perhaps chewed. As with any form of prescription, your doctor familiar with your trouble should prescribe the proper use.

Some individuals may participate in illegal behavior to get tramadol, including doctor shopping. Doctor shopping is the place individuals attempt to get prescriptions by visiting multiple doctors, and it is both illegal and dangerous. Others might even forge prescriptions if their physician won’t prescribe tramadol, and this is highly illegal. Individuals can also request refills earlier, claim their tramadol was lost or stolen in the event it had not been, or ask spouse and children to get a tramadol prescription to use. If individuals become addicted, they may result in financial trouble too, as they will often devote considerable amounts of income to buy the medication illegally.